Limited Warranty

Producing our chairs, we use only the high-quality accessories of the European producers high permitted weight loads, allowing safe use of the chairs by people with body weight up to 130 kilograms. We use only original seats from world famous automakers. In chairs with electrical functions, gel 12-volt DC batteries are used, and the power and charging circuits are protected by interchangeable fuses. Most components and constructions, including electrical components, are completely maintainable or easily replaceable.

This allows CARBO chairs to serve reliably for many years, and lets our company confidently carry warranty obligations for 1 year from the date of purchase, provided that it is properly used for its intended purpose.

And for 2 years, we are also ready to offer a Goodwill-guarantee, which in some cases gives the customer the right to free repair at the discretion of the manufacturer.

The warranty does not apply to the paintwork coating of accessories, as well as to the factory leather or textile upholstery of the chairs, in case of their damage due to natural wear or improper use.

Each CARBO product has a unique serial number on the platform confirming the authenticity, which is stored in our customer base for the convenience of further maintenance or repair.

Under the maintenance of seats, we mean the replacement of batteries after the end of their normal life cycle, as well as - the replacement of fuses in the event of their possible operation.