Many people, transferring from a favorite car to an office chair, wondered - why is it not as comfy? After all, working at the desk takes the same amount of time as driving ... This thought was embodied in the idea of creating, perhaps, the most comfortable office chairs based on real car seats from the best premium car models. Thus, in 2018, the first collection of exclusive office chairs with the CARBO logo was born. Electric adjustments, heating, ventilation and even massage - everything works just like in your favorite car, powered by a built-in battery.

Quality and Reliability

Being comfortable and functional is not the only task that we set for our products. They should serve for a long time and withstand even large people. Therefore, we use solid steel construction and only proven fittings from the best European manufacturers (including Recaro): South Korean gas lift (max. 150 kg), Italian solid aluminum crosspiece (max. 200 kg), Italian steel tilt mechanism (max 200 kg). Special attention is paid to the safety and reliability of the electrical components.

Ergonomics and comfort

How can the seats created for sitting low in the car be comfortable for working at the table? It turns out even as they can! We carefully study the geometry of the supporting frames, calculate all angles of inclination, taking into account the center of mass. As a result, CARBO chairs are incredibly comfortable and in size are ideal for everyday use at tables of standard height. We use ergonomic armrests made in the Czech Republic with adjustment in three planes, but the effect of the multi-contour settings of the seats themselves, developed by automakers, is difficult to overestimate. It is enough to try it once to leave behind all doubts.

How do adjustments work?

In most CARBO seats, all electrical adjustments are provided by the automakers work. For this purpose, chairs are equipped with built-in batteries that can be charged from the network. In addition, the mechanisms of accessories allow you to mechanically adjust the height of the chair and the angle of inclination of the seat. In three planes there are also adjustable armrests.

Where are the chairs made?

Of course, we buy the car-seats themselves and most of the components abroad, but the development process, the production of supporting frames, assembly mechanisms, sewing covers, installation and configuration of electrical components is carried out in Ukraine.

Are the seats genuine? New or used?

We use only original genuine car seats. Depending on client’s individual preferences it is possible to purchase a completely new seat from the manufacturer, as well as use seats that were previously installed in a car. In the latter scenario, we select the seats in perfect or almost perfect condition, they undergo a thorough cleaning and restoration, and if necessary, the leather is completely renewed.


The cost of the seats may differ significantly from product to product, since its main component is the price at which we manage to purchase the seat itself. Deliver it from Japan or the USA? Italy or Slovakia? New or used, in what condition, and of course – what car brand? Will the power adjustments be activated, how many settings will there be, is there any ventilation or even massage capabilities? Is it necessary to restore the leather? All this forms the final cost for the client with an individual order. Base prices for the most popular models are listed in our catalog.

How to order?

First, find spare 10 minutes and give us a call at +38-098-690-33-00. We will help you determine the model, choose the color and equipment, calculate the preliminary cost, or invite you to visit our showroom and personally try out one of the models in stock.

Production time

Depending on the exclusivity and complexity of the order, as well as on the workload of production, the period from the moment the order is placed to the receipt of the finished product can be from 2 to 6 weeks. You can also choose one of the models in stock from our catalog.